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Make: Mercedes
Model: W108 280 SE 3.5
Age: 1972 K
Colour: Black
Trim: Bamboo Full Leather
Optional Extras: Restoration bills totalling £130,521
Notes of Interest: The W108 saloon with the 3.5 V8 engine was one of ultimate sporting saloons of the early Seventies and with a new price of £5,000 incredibly rare. The cost of this restoration is well in excess of the cars end value which has led to many deteriorating as the years go on. Finding a 280SE 3.5 W108 is even harder with the limited production run and so few cars surviving the test of time. It is even rarer to find one in such a desirable colour combination of Black with Bamboo Full Hide. For anyone serious about owning one of these to drive there isn't a better example on the market today.
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