Enquiries: SOLD
Make: Mercedes BRABUS
Age: 2003/03
Mileage: 24,022
Colour: Silver
Trim: Grey Full Nappa Leather
Optional Extras: 1 of 6 The rarest SL ever! BRABUS GmbH is a German high-performance automotive aftermarket tuning company founded in 1977 in Bottrop. Their ‘K8’ was launched at the Geneva Salon and marketed as a ‘performance kit’ but in truth it’s considerably more than that. The engine modifications require that each Brabus dealer has a dedicated engine builder and similarly the suspension, electronic and cosmetic changes all require experienced specialists, hardly a ‘kit’. The engine modifications were primarily to the supercharger drive with a custom vibration damper and a new pulley for improved belt-drive geometry, high-performance metal catalysts, and an auxiliary circulation pump with opposing radiator. This raised output to a minimum of 530bhp and a tree stump-pulling torque of 572 lbs.ft, however, in this case we understand it might be nearer 550bhp. When he was fully happy, the engine builder signed a small gold plaque and attached it to the top of the engine. Brabus also tweak the car's aerodynamics to enhance high speed stability with a new front spoiler, while a more prominent diffuser works the air harder at the back to increase downforce. Underneath, the car's active body control suspension was recalibrated using an electronic module for the ABC, lowering ride height by 15mm, and the braking system was uprated by the Brabus engineers. Whilst the additional 40 odd bhp produce a small increase in performance, we understand that it’s the K8’s amazing handling that takes the SL55 to another level.
Service History: Full Service History, Just serviced.
Notes of Interest: 1 of only 6 produced with a new list price starting at £165,000.
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